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Estate living in Samford
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Estate living in Samford

“If you never wanted to leave you wouldn’t have to” is what the locals say about Samford Village. It has everything you need – with local shops, medical centre and cafes – yet Brisbane city is only a 30 minute drive or a 25 minute train ride away.

The village of Samford is surrounded on three sides by the lush Samford Valley and mountain ranges, giving you the kind of wide open spaces that ordinary suburbanites can only dream of.

The best part is that Samford Royal Estates

The best part is that Samford Royal Estates will never be overdeveloped. Only half the available land is being developed into residential estates, the other half is reserved by the council for recreational areas. Possible facilities include open space, bike trails, horse trails and equestrian grounds, camping grounds, tennis, netball, soccer and rugby league, amphitheatre and parking.

Your family can grow up running free in your backyard, exploring the local bushland, hiking the mountain ranges which encircle the area, playing sport in the fresh air or just horse riding and cycling along the safe car-free nature tracks.

Join friends and local families

Or you can join your friends and local families in the village centre, the John Scott Park, which is a great meeting spot for weekend BBQs and the site of many community events and concerts.
And when this all gets too much, you can relax at the prestigious Samford Valley Golf & Country Club!

A Superb Location:

Samford Royal Estates is within easy walking distance of Samford Village, and is the only development in the area to have town water.
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